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The Haptic Gauntlet allows you to hold and interact with dynamic virtual objects.

"We created a glove that allows you to accurately feel dynamic virtual objects with your hands. We specialize in haptic technologies for mixed reality and remote robotic applications. We have developed a haptic glove that provides bi-directional force feedback to users in order to simulate the “feeling” of remote or virtual objects in a user's hands.”
The Haptic Gauntlet Significantly Increases the Feeling of Immersion & Presence

RT @LaunchYU_York: Our final venture is @vudu_vr whose Gauntlet is a wearable exoskeleton glove that allows you to experience real-world sensation in VR
RT @hcrosbie: @VUDU_VR shares its haptic glove to electrify the VR and augmented reality world at @LaunchYU_York
RT @InnovationYork: @VUDU_VR glove: experience real-world sensation of objects in Virtual Reality. Client of @LaunchYU_York Accelerator…
CNE 2016 Display @lassondeschool

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