Rosedale Designs

Interactive Installations & Mixed Reality Human Computer Interaction Using Three Dimensional User Interfaces Using Depth Sensing Computer Vision, Machine Learning & Physical Computing.


The Team

We have a true passion for VR.

We're a diverse group of university students and recent grads looking to push the boundaries of Mixed Reality. Collectively we have experience in Mechanical Systems Engineering, Rapid Prototyping and Design, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Software Design and Development, Human-Computer Interaction, Physical Computing, Robotics Engineering, Biomechanic Animation, Media Signal Processing, 3D-Modelling and Game Design.


Brought together by our shared interest in the technology, we are completely committed to improving the current state of the mixed reality experience.  We are dedicated to delivering a product that finally brings the missing sense of touch into mixed reality.

We are on a mission to create REAL haptic force-feedback for consumers that is dexterous, accurate, immersive and affordable.